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GIVE! Round Up

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The Whole Foods Co‑op’s GIVE! program makes it simple for shoppers to support positive change in our community. Shoppers can make small donations at the register by rounding up their purchases. Click to learn more below on each program to find more information on how to apply for funding!

A cashier wearing a denim jacket scans items at the checkout counter while smiling and chatting with a female customer. The counter holds various products, and the background features vibrant artwork and a large window revealing an outdoor scene.
A child stands in a garden holding a giant cabbage that covers most of their face. The lush garden, reminiscent of the fresh produce found at Whole Foods Coop in Duluth, MN, features green plants and tall corn stalks. Trees and a cloudy sky can be seen in the distance. The child wears a black hoodie and grey shorts.

Grow Local Food
Fund (GLFF)

Three people are working together in a garden to harvest potatoes, placing them in a blue bucket. The background features a field and a tree. The adult is helping two children, all engaged in picking from the green plants—a scene reminiscent of community projects at Whole Foods Coop Duluth MN.

Support Program

The Co-op supports local organizations dedicated to growing a healthy community. Through small donations from our shoppers, we make significant contributions annually, benefiting non-sectarian, non-partisan 501(c) organizations and local food producers that aim to improve food access, environmental stewardship, equity and diversity, and the local food economy. Monthly donations are typically split between the featured nonprofit and the Co-op’s Grow Local Food Fund.