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The Whole Foods Co‑op’s GIVE! program makes it simple for shoppers to support positive change in our community. Shoppers can make small donations at the register by rounding up their purchases. Click to learn more below!

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Thank you for donating!

To date, shoppers have donated over $750K+ through GIVE! These donations help support positive change in our community and promote local food growers and producers across the Northland.

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Our Partners

At the Co-op, community is everything! In addition to GIVE! Round Up donations, a portion of our annual budget is set aside to support organizations committed to creating a healthy and vibrant community.

Donation Requests

Whole Foods Co‑op is proud to support local non-profit organizations in the Duluth area and has provided hundreds of donations to local school groups, fundraiser events, and more.

A young boy pedals on a stationary bike powering a blender at a market stall. The stall, covered by an orange tent, is promoting locally grown organic foods from Whole Foods Coop Duluth. An adult in an apron stands behind a display of vegetables and samples, while another child nearby holds a toy unicorn.