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A close-up view of numerous fresh broccoli florets. The broccoli is vibrantly green, with tightly packed buds and stalks. The image showcases the texture and freshness of the vegetables.
A green circular logo with a light green border. Inside, the white text reads
A neatly arranged pattern of halved avocados. Some halves have their seeds intact, while others have empty pits. The vibrant green flesh contrasts with the brown seeds and the dark green, textured skin.
A circular badge with a light green background, outlined in a darker green, containing the words
A close-up image of numerous carrot slices, showing their vibrant orange color. The slices are evenly cut and some have visible core rings in the center, creating a textured and layered appearance.
An orange circle with a yellow border containing the white text
A pile of fresh purple eggplants with green stems. The eggplants are various sizes and shapes, showcasing their glossy, smooth skin and vibrant color. They are closely packed together, filling the entire frame of the image.
A circular logo with a purple background and a lighter purple border. The text reads

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We strive to offer a mix of FREE and paid classes to keep our structure accessible to all.

A modern grocery store named

Hillside Store

Brick building of the Denfeld Whole Foods store from an aerial view.

Denfeld Store

Curbside + Delivery

Fresh, local groceries can be delivered right to your car or doorstep. Our dedicated Co‑op staff handpicks and bags all orders, ensuring freshness and accuracy. Enjoy the ease of curbside pickup at no additional cost.

Visit Mercato to see if delivery options are available, delivery fees apply.

A man in a plaid shirt and a man in a beanie and glasses are shaking hands across a counter at the Whole Foods Coop in Duluth, MN. Shelves behind them display colorful products and reusable bags.

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