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Call for Artists

Each month, we feature local artists in our welcoming and vibrant seating areas, showcasing a diverse range of talent admired by Co-op customers and staff.

We are looking for local artists to display. Send your interest along with samples of your work!

Permanent Art

A stained glass window depicting a dynamic ocean scene. The glass pieces are various shades of blue and white, intricately arranged to represent turbulent waves crashing against each other, emulating the movement and depth of the sea.

The Great Lake

Artist: Ron Johnson In the fall of 2008, a recycled glass mural, with most of the material salvaged from the demolished Two Harbors High School, was installed on the east end… Read More

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A colorful mosaic composed of small tiles arranged in intricate patterns and swirls. This piece of local art features a mix of geometric shapes, including circles and squares, with a vibrant palette of reds, blues, greens, yellows, and purples, creating a dynamic and lively image.

Fruiting and Seeding

Artist: Laura Stone Two mosaics are installed on the interior of the east wall of the Hillside Co-op. They can be viewed as customers waiting to check out. The three-year… Read More

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Pastel painting of a farmers market.

Farmer’s Market

Artist: Carolyn Olson In February 2023, a 4ft. x 8ft original pastel was placed for permanent display in the classroom at Denfeld.  “As a narrative artist, I always enjoy visually… Read More

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