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There are Many Benefits of Becoming a Co-op Owner

Our business is a cooperative, which means it’s owned by our shoppers — folks like you who care about where their food comes from and how it’s grown.

For a one-time $100 investment, paid all at once or in $20 monthly installments, you can enjoy the benefits of lifelong Whole Foods Co-op ownership. Your investment helps the co-op grow!

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The Benefits

Join 13,500+ of your neighbors and support your local community.

Owners Save an Extra 10% on Co+op Deals

Community Perks Program:
Discounts at Participating Local Businesses


  • Owner Extras: Owners Save an Extra 10% on Co+op Deals
  • 15% Special Order/Case Discount
  • Community Perks Program: Discounts at Participating Local Businesses
  • Patronage Rebate in Profitable Years


  • Weekly Co-op Email
  • Discount on Co-op Classes
  • Garbanzo Gazette: Co-op Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Owner Meeting
  • Drawings + Events for Owners only


  • Vote for Board of Directors
  • Vote for GIVE! Non-profit Support Program Recipients
  • Run for the Board


  • Wider Access to Healthy Foods
  • Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Local Growers and Producers

Limited Means?

Owners with “limited” means get the Access Discount — 10% off every shopping trip! Exclusions apply.

An illustration by Whole Foods Coop Duluth depicting the stages of a strawberry ripening process. The first three stages show green strawberries, gradually turning yellow with green seeds. The final stage exhibits a fully ripened red strawberry with yellow seeds.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Resources

Access Discount

Healthy food should be accessible to all. Shoppers with limited means who are eligible can become Owners for a reduced cost of $20 and also may be eligible for the Owner Access Discount —10% off every shopping trip.

Fran Skinner Memorial Fund

Subsidized Co-op Ownership is supported through The Fran Skinner Memorial Fund, created in 1991 to assist WFC Owners in purchasing equity stock for Co-op Ownership. The name of the fund honors one of our founding members and long-time social justice advocate in our community, Fran Skinner.

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