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Meet the GLFF Grantee

Hermit Creek Farm

Established Grower


The Project

The farm will purchase an onion topper designed to mechanically remove the tops, roots, loose skin, and dirt from onions, a process that is currently done by hand. The project will also include a structure to protect the equipment from the elements. This past season (2023), Hermit Creek Farm had to compost roughly 25% of their already harvested crop due to a lack of help and the time it takes to process onions by hand. This project will help them fully realize their onion crop and expand it.

Environmental Impact

Hermit Creek Farm’s goal and basic tenet for the past three decades is ecosystem health gained through regenerative farming practices, including but not limited to crop rotation, reduced tillage, cover cropping, planting native species for pollinators and birds, and rotational grazing. They are the only certified organic vegetable producer in the Chequamegon Bay region.