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Non-Profit Recipients

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A moth on a fern frond.

Friends of Sax-Zim Bog

January 2024

Protecting the Greater Sax-Zim Bog through land preservation, education, and research. Funds will be invested in changes to current structures, trails, and boardwalks to make them safer and more accessible.

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A healthcare professional, wearing glasses and a black cardigan, smiles while attending to a young child sitting on an examination table in a medical office. The child is wearing a floral-patterned shirt, blue pants, and pink shoes. The room has cabinets and medical equipment.

Lake Superior Community Health Center

February 2024

Improving access to quality health care for all. Funding will support the patient pantry to keep the shelves stocked with free healthy food options.

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A woman and a man put nonperishable food into donation boxes.

CHUM + Minnesota FoodShare

March 2024

Providing emergency shelter, food, and street outreach throughout Duluth. In March, 100% of donations will support CHUM and the Minnesota FoodShare initiative, an annual giving campaign that addresses food insecurity… Read More

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A woman with long hair sits on a couch, smiling warmly as she looks down at a dog lying across her lap. The dog, a Husky, is gazing up at her. The room has a door in the background and a patterned couch. A bag is on the floor near the woman's feet.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs

April 2024

Working toward ending violence against women. 100% of funds will go to a Food Resource Fund that supports victims of domestic violence.

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A supermarket aisle with refrigerator units displaying various frozen foods on the left and bakery items or snacks on the right. The brightly lit space has green and brown flooring, and a sign overhead marking aisle 7.

Whole Foods Co‑op Access Discount

May 2024

Helping reduce cost barriers by giving Co‑op Owners enrolled in food assistance programs a 10% discount on purchases. In 2023, the Co‑op Access Discount provided over $93,400 to 544 individuals and… Read More

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A large group of people, dressed in outdoor gear, stand in front of a lake holding paddles raised in the air, with a canoe placed on stands in front of them. The background features a forested shoreline under an overcast sky.

Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness

June 2024

Save the Boundary Waters Uniting people to advocate for the protection of wilderness and wild places, especially the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the greater Quetico-Superior Ecosystem. Funds will… Read More

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A porcupine rests on a wooden platform outside a rustic, tree-branch filled enclosure. The setting, part of a wildlife preservation area, includes natural branches and leaves, with a wire fence visible in the background.


July 2024

Promoting the understanding, appreciation, and well-being of wildlife and the world through compassion, care, and community involvement. Wildwoods will use funds to rehabilitate and release orphaned wildlife, give emergency support… Read More

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A group of people, including families and children, are enjoying a picnic in a park near the Duluth Public Library. Several blankets are spread out on the grass, and there are tables with bins and a colorful storage cart nearby. Trees and houses are visible in the background.

Friends of the Duluth Public Library

August 2024

Raising public awareness for and providing resources to develop library services, facilities, community programming, and special events. Funds will go towards library programming.

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Six people stand in a room holding blue tote bags labeled "BREMER." They are wearing face masks and appear to be smiling. The room has light-colored walls, high windows, a clock, and some colorful wall art. Some yellow chairs and tables are visible in the background.

Life House

September 2024

Providing homeless and at-risk youth with a safe alternative to the streets through emergency shelter, transitional and supportive housing,  and comprehensive supportive services. Funds will support the Drop-in Youth Center, as… Read More

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A group of people standing and sitting behind a table under a tent. The table has a sign that reads "SUPPORTING. EDUCATING. ADVOCATING." and "paysa" with a flower logo. The people are smiling and wearing various "paysa" t-shirts. The background shows a brick building.

Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA)

October 2024

Supporting victim-survivors, educating the community, and advocating for change in Southern St. Louis County. PAVSA will use the funding to maintain the 24-hour crisis services for survivors in the community.

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A billboard displays four smiling young individuals holding various items. The text on the billboard reads, "Meet the Future of Indigenous Economy, Giinawiind Youth" with the AICHO and Lamar logos. The background features a brick building and an urban street.

The American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO)

November 2024

Changing the narrative in our community by asserting Native American political and cultural ties to the land and forging a commitment to build sustainable, community-owned practices. Funding will be used… Read More

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Two people are standing behind a Planned Parenthood booth covered with a pink tablecloth displaying various informational and promotional materials. The booth is under a pink canopy with the Planned Parenthood logo, set against a backdrop of greenery and a few other people.

Planned Parenthood Twin Ports Teen Council

December 2024

Supporting community access to reproductive health resources. The funds will directly support the Twin Ports Teen Council, a program that teaches students to become experts in promoting reproductive health to… Read More

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