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About Our Co-op

50+ Years Serving You

Whole Foods Co‑op is a thriving consumer-owned cooperative that supports, invests, and partners to create a healthy community.

The Co‑op has served Duluth and the surrounding Twin Ports and Northern Minnesota communities since 1970. Learn more about our history!

A woman with long brown hair and a warm smile stands at a checkout counter, holding up a paper grocery bag with the Whole Foods Coop Duluth logo and the text,

Commitment To Local

Fresh From Your Neighbors

We support over 150 local vendors to ensure you get what you need in a sustainable manner. Check out some of our vendors!

A graphic showcasing Whole Foods Coop Duluth reveals local inventory purchases of $5,541,518 (40.55% of total) from Minnesota and Wisconsin, with 168 local vendors. Bioregion inventory purchases are $1,771,961 (12.96% of total) from counties surrounding Lake Superior, involving 100 bioregion vendors.

Board of Directors

As a consumer-owned cooperative, we are governed by a Board of Directors. View our current Board members, Board committees, meeting minutes, and more.

A group of eight people posing indoors in a casual setting at the Whole Foods Coop Duluth. Seven individuals are standing, and one person is kneeling at the front. They are all wearing casual attire and name badges, smiling warmly. A wooden cabinet and dining area can be seen in the background.
A small grocery store display at Whole Foods Coop Duluth MN features a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Bananas hang from a rack, while apples, lemons, watermelons, and other produce are neatly arranged in baskets and crates. Shelves are stocked with canned goods and jars.

Our History

We’ve Come a
Long Way

Since 1970, Whole Foods Co‑op has been a staple in the Duluth community.