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Local Producer Profile: Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy

“You’ve forgotten!” was my introduction to Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy when I moved to the area a little over 5 years ago. I found the commercial charming and surprising, believing that home delivery of milk was a thing of the past, a bygone era. Obviously I was mistaken. Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy, owned and operated by A.J. […]

The Difference between your Local Co-op and Aldi

It’s not Apples to Apples when comparing Whole Foods Co-op and Corporate Grocers  Sarah Hannigan, General Manager at Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, MN  Your cooperative grocery is in full bloom, and our aisles are teeming  with fresh, local foods and colorful flowers. In the weeks to come, over 45 farmers will bring their fruits […]

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