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Board of Directors

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Applications due: July 31, 2024


There are three positions open each election cycle, and the Board is always seeking passionate owners who care about the Co-op and want to take a more active role in ensuring its continued success. Serving on the Board of Directors is one of the most rewarding ways that Owners can become involved in WFC.

What does it look like to be on the Board?

Board members attend monthly meetings (the last Monday evening of each month) and monthly or as-needed committee meetings. Committee meeting times are determined by committee members to fit their schedules. Depending on the board member’s role, one can expect to spend 5-10 hours per month on board work. This includes regularly checking and responding to emails, attending meetings, writing and editing documents, and reading materials to prepare for meetings. There may be times when the GM or board chair requests individual meetings or conversations to discuss board matters, build relationships, or provide operational updates. In addition, several all-day retreats occur throughout the year – typically on weekend days.

Each board member receives a WFC email account and must be able to access the internet to retrieve emails and attend virtual meetings. A stipend is provided to all board members to support their service. In addition, professional development is provided to build board member skills around policy governance, co-op finance, and other relevant topics.

Interested? If the following statements apply to you, you would be a great candidate.

  • I CARE about the needs of our community, our Co-op Owners, and staff.
  • I want to UPHOLD the standards of professionalism, advocacy, and commitment the Co-op exists by.
  • I want to LEARN more about cooperative principles, the cooperative business model, and policy governance.
  • I want to SUPPORT cooperative principles, the cooperative business model, and policy governance.
  • I want to CONTRIBUTE my wisdom and experience to strengthen the Co-op.


To run for election to the Whole Foods Coop Board of Directors, the following must be true for the applying individual. All applications will be reviewed to ensure adherence to Board Eligibility, Article 4.2 of the Whole Food Coop Bylaws.

Candidates must: 

  • Be the Primary Owner of your account for a minimum of ninety (90) consecutive days before the application deadline in July. (If you’re unsure you are the primary owner, you can call either store, and the Customer Service Counter can provide that information.)
  • Have attended one of the most recent 12 Board meetings before the application deadline.
  • Be willing to attend monthly meetings and serve a three-year term.
  • Complete the Board Application and pass a background check per WFC policy.
  • Provide a current resume and list of references.
  • Participate in an interview, prior to the election, with members of the Recruitment Committee.


Whole Foods Co-op is a consumer-owned cooperative that is wholly-owned and governed by our Owners.

The Owners elect a Board of Directors to establish and uphold policies on how our business is run. Through the ENDS policy, the Board sets the vision for the cooperative.  The Board also sets general policies that define the role and responsibilities of the General Manager who oversees day-to-day operations.

As an Owner, the Whole Foods Co-op is your store. The success of the Co-op is your success. You have a voice in your Co-op’s future through voting in elections, serving on committees and/or serving on the Board as an elected director.


Co-op Owners can reach out directly to the Board:

Email: wfcbod@wholefoods.coop

Board of Directors
Whole Foods Co-op
610 E 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55805


Board meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the 4th Monday of every month at our Denfeld Store. Location and time are subject to change.

2023-2024 Board Meetings 

  • November 27 (Hillside Store)
  • December 18
  • January 22
  • February 26
  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 24
  • July 22
  • August 26
  • September 23

Owners can directly participate in meetings in the following ways:

Open Listening Sessions: the first 30 minutes of all Board Meetings are set aside for Owners to present comments or concerns on topics of their choosing directly to the Board. These listening sessions give the Board the opportunity to hear from Owners and help the Board better understand Owner concerns. Parameters are outlined here.

Items for Discussion: Owners can submit items to be included for discussion at a Board meeting. For consideration, submit your item in writing by the first Friday of the month in which you request the Board’s consideration. Such agenda items will be subject to time constraints at the Board meeting.

Current Governing Documents

Whole Foods Co•op


Hillside Store

610 E 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55805

Denfeld Store

4426 Grand Avenue
Duluth, MN 55807