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Supporting our community with donations to a new non-profit each month, as elected by Co-op Owners each fall in the annual ballot. This program has supported Life House, Men as Peacemakers, Chum Food Shelf and many more important non-profits doing critical work in our community.

GIVE 2022 Applications are now closed. Please check back in September 2022 and sign-up for our email newsletter to know when applications open again.

This Month’s Recipient:

Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association (LSSFA)

“We are a coalition of producers and consumers striving to move food and farming systems into a sustainable future. The work of LSSFA is to enhance our regional food ecosystem by connecting the humans within it and by promoting the principles of soil health for truly sustainable farming.”

LSSFA serves the western Lake Superior region which includes northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. For 25+ years, LSSFA has hosted Harvest Festival, a premier farmers market that connects producers and consumers for one of the largest farmers’ markets in the region!

2021 Calendar

AUGUST   //  WE Health Clinic

Our vision is that every individual controls their own sexual and reproductive health.

SEPTEMBER   //  Sustainable Farming Association, Lake Superior chapter (LSSFA)

Supporting the development and enhancement of sustainable farming systems through farmer-to-farmer networking, innovation, demonstration and education.

OCTOBER   //  Family Freedom Center

Engage, empower, and educate the Black community by connecting entrepreneurs with business leaders and more.

NOVEMBER   //  Ecolibrium3

Building community sustainability and resiliency through projects like the Lincoln Park Solar Garden

DECEMBER   // The American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO)

Centering Indigenous values in all aspects of our work like reclaiming healthy and Indigenous foods.

JANUARY 2021  //   Duluth Branch NAACP

The Health Committee fulfills the NAACP’s commitment to eliminating the racial and ethnic disparities in our healthcare system that plague people of color in the United States.

FEBRUARY 2021  //   Safe Haven Shelter and Resource Center

Providing safety, space to heal, advocacy, and empowerment for women, children and all survivors of domestic violence.

MARCH 2021  //  CHUM + Minnesota FoodShare

Providing emergency shelter, food, and street outreach throughout Duluth. Whole Foods Co-op bands together with 15+ Co-ops in March to raise money for Minnesota food shelves.

APRIL 2021  //  Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity repairs older homes to make them safer and more accessible, so homeowners can stay in their homes, where they enjoy a higher quality of life, and live longer.

MAY 2021  //  Hartley Nature Center

Using our expansive ecological and biological diversity to teach the region about sustainable and responsible land stewardship and water protection.

JUNE 2021  //  Whole Foods Co-op Access Discount

Helping to reduce cost barriers by giving shoppers enrolled in Minnesota food assistance programs a 10% discount on purchases. In 2020, the Co-op provided over $60,000 to 373 individual and families with limited means.

JULY  //  Duluth Community Garden Program

Making gardening accessible to anyone through 21 community gardens with 200 plots.

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