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Farmer’s Market

Artist: Carolyn Olson

In February 2023, a 4ft. x 8ft original pastel was placed for permanent display in the classroom at Denfeld. 

Pastel painting of a farmers market.
‘Farmer’s Market’ | Pastel

“As a narrative artist, I always enjoy visually retelling what I see or hope to see in my family, friends, and community. Farmer’s Market is one of those hopeful stories where a diverse community purchases food grown and prepared locally. Adults and children shop together and have opinions about tomatoes and pumpkins and bread. It is a safe and encouraging space – one that is found when everyone is able to work together.  

I believe art should inspire us to be better people. Art can help us understand difficulties as well as reassure us of our goodness. Most importantly, it reflects our world and hopefully pushes us to become more aware of ourselves and understand the world around us.  

Thank you to Whole Foods Co-op for their continued support of local food producers and artists like  myself.”

-Carolyn Olson, Artist 

View at: Denfeld Co-op