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Show Your Art at the Co-op

Art Show Application

Thank you for your interest in showing your artwork at the Co-op!

Please read the following guidelines carefully before completing the application.

  • Completing the application does not guarantee that artwork will be shown at the Co-op. We will email you to confirm whether or not we will schedule a show.
  • Must submit 4 or more examples of the art style you want to show.
  • No nudes, political, or religious messages.
  • Art by Co-op Owners and regional artists will be given preference.
  • Your art must fill most of the space. Hillside: 12′ wide x 4′ high | Denfeld: 22′ wide x 4′ high
  • Artists are restricted to one solo exhibit in a 12-month period.
  • The artist accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to the artwork. The artist waives any and all claims against WFC for personal injury during set up and removal of art.
  • WFC makes every effort to be available to assist, however, it is the artist’s responsibility to hang and remove art.
  • All art must be displayed using the art rail system installed. All pieces MUST be wired for hanging. If another method is used, this must be disclosed at the time of confirmation. No nails, tack, tape, or other materials may be used. The artist is responsible for repairing any damage to the wall due to set up or removal of art.
  • WFC will promote the exhibit on social media, but any outside advertisement of the exhibit is the artist’s responsibility.
  • The artist permits WFC to use artwork images for promotional purposes.
  • Sales are not guaranteed. Any artwork sold while on display must remain until the end of the show.
  • The artist must provide an email address to be displayed for customer purchasing inquiries. The artist will handle artwork purchasing with the customer directly.
  • The artist agrees to provide artwork images, bio/artist statement, and title card information for each piece noting title, medium, and price or NFS, two weeks prior to the show. WFC will create title cards and bio sign and add them to the wall on the day of setup.
  • Month and store preferences are not guaranteed.

For questions, please contact our Marketing Department at 218.728.0884 x202.
Thank you for sharing your talent with our community!

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