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Ashland Baking Company Inc.

Ashland, WI • Founded 2001
A logo featuring an oval-shaped emblem with a brown background and gold trim. At the top, "AB co." is written in gold, followed by "Ashland Baking Company." Below that, the slogan "The Fine Art of Baking" is displayed prominently. Perfect for your next stop for coffee in Duluth.

Ashland Baking Company is a small artisanal bakery that opened in 2001 in Ashland, WI. They make bread, pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and coffee 7 days a week for the residents and visitors of the Chequamegon Bay region of Lake Superior and deliver and ship to various restaurants, food cooperatives, and grocery stores as far away as Grand Marais.

– Ashland Baking Company Inc.

Products at the Co-op: A variety of freshly baked breads