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Spring Virtual Classes

While we will miss cookin’ in the Co-op kitchen, we’re excited to offer free, virtual classes! If you’re interested in being a digital instructor we’d love to have you on board. Email marketing@wholefoods.coop for more details. 

Exploring the Fifth Taste: Umami

Jen Gilbertson 

Tuesday, June 15 

6pm – 7:30pm 

We are all familiar with the four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter, but there is a fifth, more mysterious and harder to define taste, umami. In this class we will make several recipes using ingredients that are rich with umami, the “essence of deliciousness”. 


Co-op Yoga Night – Slow Flow Yoga

Joella Erin of JEM Yoga & Message

Thursday, June 17th


Perfect for beginner to intermediate yoga students, join us for a relaxing yoga session in the privacy of your own space. All levels welcome!


Co-op Qigong

Rebecca Alsum

Saturday, June 19th

10am – 11am

Join us for a Qigong session that includes the Five Elements from Spring Forest Qigong with instructor Rebecca Alsum. Qigong is the practice and study of energy flow that can be used to harmonize the body, breath, and mind. This practice combines meditation, breathing techniques, and simple movements to cultivate one’s qi and create space for healing the body. You do not need anything but your body and breath for this practice and can wear whatever clothing is comfortable. The motions are simple and accessible for all ages and abilities. Join us for this gentle yet powerful healing practice. 


What a Pain in the Neck! How to Help Neck Pain  

Joseph Quade 

Tuesday, June 22 

6pm – 7:30pm 

Join us on a journey of uncovering the contributing factors of neck pain and tension headaches and the relieving techniques you can use. 


Kids in the Kitchen: End of School Fiesta!

Jen Gilbertson 

Class is postponed from June 26 until Saturday, July 17

10am – 11:30am 

Chefs of all ages will learn to make several easy, healthy, tasty and fun recipes while developing their skills in the kitchen. In this class we will make some tasty Mexican dishes to celebrate the beginning of summer! 


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