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Duluth Flower Farm

Superior, WI
Logo of "Duluth Flower Farm" with the text in black and gold. The word "Duluth" is in bold black letters and "flower farm" is in smaller gold letters, reminiscent of signs you might see when enjoying coffee in Duluth. There is an image of a black and yellow sunflower above the text.

Duluth Flower Farm is a year-round locally owned flower farm, florist, and garden centers specializing in flowers, bouquets, and wreaths.

– Duluth Coffee Company

DFF has been a great Local partner in providing fresh-cut, beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements available from early spring to late fall at the Co-op. During transplant season, they provide strawberry plants and hanging strawberry baskets along with MN hardy blueberry bush varieties”

Products at the Co-op: Flowers and holiday wreaths