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Paul’s Memorial Orchard

Two Harbors, MN
An orchard is seen in the background with blooming trees. In the foreground, a sign reads "Paul's Memorial Orchard" and includes a photo of Paul Antonich, with dates "Oct 17, 1978 - Aug 28, 1996" and a small angel graphic. A nearby plaque mentions his favorite pastime: enjoying coffee in Duluth.

Since 2000, Larry and Mary Antonich have been harvesting apples from their 30 acre farm in memory of their son, Paul, who was tragically killed in 1996. An apple orchard was a fitting way to remember Paul due to his love for apple trees and gardening. The farm also reflects their commitment to natural, organic local food and their belief in working hard to support others as “we are all in this together.” They look forward to increased production as the apple trees mature.

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