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Locally Laid Eggs/Farm Lola

Wrenshall, MN
Locally Laid

Locally Laid is a pasture-raised egg operation and berry farm. Pasture-raised eggs are from hens who forage and exercise on green fields. Outside every day which is weather permitting, they’re salad-eating, poultry athletes who get to run, feel the wind in their wings and forage for grasses, clover, and tasty bugs. For these birds, life is good. And to show their gratitude, they produce a healthier egg. To diversify their farm and create another income stream to help offset the cost of maintaining a farm, they added berry plants including blueberries, strawberries and honeyberries.

“We’re creating real food for neighbors, while treating our livestock and the planet well in the process. By sourcing and selling locally, we’re championing Mid-sized Farms, strengthening rural communities.”

– Locally Laid Eggs/Farm Lola

Products at the Co-op: hot cocoa mix