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Brainstorm Bakery

Ely, MN • Founded 2007
The image showcases the logo for Brainstorm Bakery. It features the name "Brainstorm Bakery" in bold, maroon letters, with a lightning bolt creatively integrated into the letter "S" in "Storm." The white background complements the design, making it perfect for your next coffee stop in Duluth.

In June of 2007, a silly conversation turned into inspiration for a granola business. One day Brian said something like “Wouldn’t it be funny if we made cranberry apple granola and called it Crapola?” Next thing the Strom’s knew, a business was born. Brainstorm Bakery produces and distributesCrapola! Cranberry Apple Granola and three other granola flavors. They also own a retail coffee/bakery in Ely, focusing on high-quality, organic ingredients.

Products at the Co-op: Crapola granola and other granola flavors, bagged and bulk

Family of 4 in front of boxes of granola.