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WFC Employees Elect to Unionize

On January 26th, Whole Foods Co-op employees voted on whether to be represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1189. The election was conducted in accordance with standards set by the National Labor Relations Board, and the vote was 43 in favor of, and 42 against representation by the UFCW. 

Further proceedings before the NLRB have concluded, and the election results will be certified in the coming days which will result in the formation of a collective bargaining unit representing 99 Whole Foods Co-op employees.

Throughout the organizing process, Whole Foods Co-op management encouraged an open and respectful conversation among the staff, and conveyed to each employee that there would be no discrimination or unfair treatment towards anyone because of their opinion. General Manager Sarah Hannigan’s clear and consistent message throughout stressed inclusiveness in the process, and the need for cohesion amongst staff following the election, regardless of the outcome.

The entire management team at Whole Foods Co-op is dedicated to maintaining the positive and fair workplace we all enjoy, and looks forward to negotiating in this spirit while developing a constructive and mutually respectful relationship with UFCW and the newly formed collective bargaining unit.

Whole Foods Co-op remains committed to being the best grocers – and to providing the best customer service experience – in the Twin Ports.



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