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Indian Ratatouille




  1. First, make a cup of your favorite basmati rice. While that’s cooking, in a pan fry up some garlic and onion in olive or canola oil. Add pepper and an all-purpose mixed seasoning (garlic, herb, etc.). Once the onions are caramelized, add a can of diced tomatoes, and a can of garbanzo beans, then add salt to neutralize the sugar in the tomatoes. Add curry powder and a couple dashes of Mexican hot sauce. (I like cooking with Mexican hot sauces because the vinegar really brings out the flavors of what you’re cooking). Once everything is starting to taste how you want it to, add sliced zucchini, eggplant, or summer squash. Add a little bit more water, then cook until veggies are tender. Serve on top of basmati rice!!!

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