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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Dinner served at the Hot Bar on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, until store close at 2pm. Thanksgiving sides and desserts will also be available in our grab-n-go coolers over the holiday weekend so you can relax!

WFC Deli Holiday Sides

  • Sage Stuffing  | VEG    $5.99  / pint I $9.99  /quart
  • Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy | VEG    $4.99  /pint I $8.99  /quart
  • Maple Pecan Yams | WF, V , VEG    $5.99  / pint I $9.99  /quart
  • Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Beeler’s Bacon and Leeks | WF    $6.99  /pint I $11.99  /quart
  • Cranberry Chutney | WF, V , VEG     $3.99  /8 oz  I  $5.99  /pint  I  $9.99  /quart
  • Smashed Red Potatoes | VEG, WF     $5.99  / pint I $10.99  /quart
  • Wild Rice Pilaf | WF, V, VEG     $5.99  / pint I $9.99  /quart
  • Green Beans Amandine | WF, V, VEG     $5.99  / pint I $9.99  /quart
  • Turkey Gravy     $4.99  /pint I $8.99  /quart
  • Ferndale Roasted Turkey Breast     $10.99/lb

Local Pies

Rustic Inn Cream Pies  – $16.95/ea
Available in: Lemon Angel, 5-Layer Chocolate, Raspberry Cream, Blueberry Cream

Rustic Inn Fruit Pies – $19.95/ea
Available in: Rhubarb, Strawberry Rhubarb, Raspberry Rhubarb,
Apple, French Apple, Peach, Cherry, Blueberry, Blueberry Crumb, Raspberry, Cranberry Apple Crumble, North Shore Berry, North Shore Berry Crumble, Cherry Peach Crumble, and Caramel Apple Pecan.

Rustic Inn Pumpkin Pies – $10.95/ea

Rustic Inn Pecan Pies – $19.95/ea

New Scenic – Half Pies
Half pies available from New Scenic Cafe, assorted varieties.

Valley’s Own Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pies – $16.99/ea

Valley’s Own Gluten-Free Apple Pies – $16.99/ea

Valley’s Own Gluten-Free Pecan Pies – $18.99/ea

Local Turkeys

Frozen Turkeys: Available Now!
Fresh Turkeys: Arriving Saturday, November 23

Frozen Turkeys: Available Now!

Fresh Turkeys: Arriving Friday, November 23

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