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Board of Directors

Whole Foods Co-op is consumer-owned cooperative that is wholly-owned and governed by our Owners.

The Owners elect a Board of Directors to establish and uphold policies on how our business is run. Through the ENDS policy, the Board sets the vision for the cooperative.  The Board also sets general policies that define the role and responsibilities of the General Manager who oversees day-to-day operations.

As an Owner, the Whole Foods Co-op is your store.  The success of the co-op is your success. You have a voice in your Co-op’s future through voting in elections, serving on committees and/or serving on the Board as an elected director.

Your Co-op was built on the energy and ideas of many. As we continue to grow, dedicated and energetic Board members are a necessity. But what does the Board do?

  • Board members are LEADERS. They provide a link between WFC and its Owners.
  • Board members are SERVANTS. They attend monthly meetings, monitor policies, serve on committees, network with other co-ops, and take advantage of training opportunities so they can continue to build a healthy, effective voice for our Ownership.
  • Board members are STEWARDS. They ensure the long-term financial health and sustainability of WFC and the performance of the General Manager with respect to compliance with the Board’s policies, WFC’s Articles and Bylaws, applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and WFC’s ENDS Statement.
  • Board members are VISIONARIES. They focus on the future of our Co-op and its sustainable growth.

Meetings of the Board of Directors, except for closed sessions, are open to WFC Owners.  Owners can directly participate in meetings in the following ways:

Open Listening Sessions:  the first 30 minutes of all Board Meetings are set aside for Owners to present comments or concerns on topics of their choosing directly to the Board.  These listening sessions give the Board the opportunity to hear from Owners, and help the Board better understand Owner concerns.  Parameters are outlined here.

Items for Discussion:  Owners can submit items to be included for discussion at a Board meeting.  For consideration, submit your item in writing by the first Friday of the month in which you request the Board’s consideration.  Such agenda items will be subject to time constraints at the Board meeting.

Owners can also reach out directly to the Board:

Email: wfcbod@wholefoods.coop

Board of Directors
Whole Foods Co-op
610 E 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55805

Current Governing Documents:
Articles of Incorporation  9/19/2012
Bylaws  10/17/2018

2019-2020 Board Meeting Dates and Agenda:
Available Here

Board Meeting Minutes:
Available Here

Interested in Running for the Board?

WFC encourages Owners to participate in the life of the Co-op and provide input into the direction that we take. Serving on the Board of Directors is one of the most rewarding and challenging ways that Owners can become involved.

Board members must:

  • Care about the needs of our community, our Co-op Owners and staff.
  • Uphold the standards of professionalism, advocacy and commitment.
  • Learn about the cooperative principles, the cooperative business model, and policy governance.
  • Communicate regularly with each other, with the General Manager and with Owners.
  • Have an interest in sustainable agriculture, food and health issues, and other topics of concern to the Co-op.

Still interested?

If so, applicants must:

  • Be a Primary WFC Owner for a minimum of ninety (90) consecutive days prior to application deadline
  • Have attended one of the most recent 12 Board meetings before the August 1 deadline
  • Be willing to attend monthly meetings and serve a three-year term
  • Provide a current resume and references
  • Participate in an interview, prior to the election, with members of the recruitment committee
  • Review and fill out the Board Application Packet and turn it in to any WFC Board member or send your packet to:

Board of Directors
Whole Foods Co-op
610 E 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55805

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