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Become a Co-op Owner

Become a Co-op Owner Today!

Join Duluth’s only community owned grocery store in a big way.

Lifetime membership costs $100 or 5 easy payments of $20. No annual fee after that.


Through the Fran Skinner Memorial Matching Fund eligible shoppers can join for just $20. Please visit our Customer Service Counter to sign up for this program.

Co-op Owner Perks

  • Being an owner comes with the knowledge that you are supporting LOCAL and community producers. $1 spent at the Co-op is $1.60 back into our community.
  • Get $5 off your next visit and over $20 in yearly $5 OFF coupons!
  • Monthly exclusive discounts on Wellness, Produce and more 
  • Community Perks like free fries at Zeitgeist, beer upgrade at Bent Paddle and 10% off at Amazing Grace, Continental Ski & Bike, TrailFitters, and other local businesses!

Details for your next co-op visit

  • After 48 hours, you can activate your ownership by bringing your picture ID to the Co-op location of your choice and picking up your Owner card and other materials.


 About Co-op Ownership

“I thought you had to be a member to shop at the Co-op.”

We hear this comment often, and it makes us happy to inform people that a) no, you do not have to be a “member” to shop at the Co-op and b) if you do become a “member,” you are actually becoming an Owner. It’s true. When you decide that Co-op Ownership is for you, the money you pay is actually equity in the business. It is not a yearly membership fee. This is what makes us a community-owned business and what makes Whole Foods Co-op YOUR Co-op.

So besides being part of a community-owned business, why should you become an Owner of Whole Foods Co-op? Owners enjoy other benefits that many find to far exceed the initial equity investment.

Special order discounts on pre-ordered case quantities

  • Note that a “case” for some items may be as few as one item. Our staff can help you with minimum order requirements and/or case costs before you commit to an order.

Co+op Deals coupon books mailed to their home

Discounts for WFC-U classes and classroom rentals 

Discounts at local businesses

  • Check out the Community Cooperation Program. With this program, you can receive discounts at local, independently-owned businesses just by being a WFC Owner!


  • Whole Foods Co-op Owners can run and vote for the WFC Board of Directors. They can also serve on committees and take part in policy discussions.

Patronage Rebates

  • In profitable years, the Board of Directors may decide to disburse part of the profits to the Owners. Your Patronage Rebate is based on the amount you spend each year, so the more you spend, the more you can earn!

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