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Here We Grow!

This moment commemorates a big moment in WFC’s history. For nearly four years we’ve been sitting in meetings, planning, training, fundraising, problem-solving, and trying to imagine the time when a second location would open to better serve another neighborhood in our community, offer more jobs and provide another outlet for the high quality foods and goods produced in our region.

On (or about) March 16, 2016, there will be a huge collective sign of relief and matching cooperative inhale of expectation for all the more work to be done, needs to be met and people to welcome to our Denfeld store at 4426 Grand Avenue. We’ll find out what systems work, where our planning failed and what it really takes to operate a multi-store operation. Our consultants advise that successfully opening and operating a second store is the biggest challenge – after that, the pattern is set and the next location/s will evolve more “organically”.

We hope that advice is accurate because, based on responses at the October 2015 Annual Owner Meeting about how WFC will meet our community’s common needs and aspiration in 10 or 20 years, Owners expect more locations, e.g. Superior, Lakeside, Park Point, between Ashland and Duluth, Hermantown, and on Mars. Owners look forward to WFC food trucks, booths t farmers markets, and delivery options including via rainbow drones. And Owners want lower prices for everyone, more classes for children and /or for parents with childcare provided, free classes and free shuttle service, but also more local food options and the “highest paid staff of all the Twin Ports groceries.” I sure hope we get at least 10 more years to get all that done!

We’ve invested over $5 million in our local economy for land, design, and new construction and created new jobs as well as promotional opportunities for our Hillside staff. Many thanks to our contractors, consultants, lenders, our incredibly hard-working and rapidly expanding staff, and our dedicated Board members for their support turning the Denfeld Project into the Denfeld Store. Please help spread the word that the Denfeld store opens soon.

Thank you and see you in the aisles!

-Sharon Murphy, General Manager & WFC Owner

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