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Grow Local Food Fund Grant Application Preview

Below is a preview of the Grow Local Food Fund (GLFF) online application administered by Whole Foods Co-op (WFC) in Duluth, Minnesota. This preview is for preparation purposes only; applicants will be required to submit an online application. Last updated on 12/28/23.

2024 Application Questions

Part 1: Enter Farm/Business Contact Information (Questions 1-8)

Part 2: Proposal Narrative 

(9) Has your business been a Grow Local Food Fund recipient? Past recipients are NOT eligible this round.

(10) In 10 words or less, define the nature of your business.
Example: Organic Vegetable Grower, Bakery, or Pig Farm.

(11) Please select a category that best describes your business.

An Emerging Grower or Food Producer is a business that has been established for fewer than 5 years. If you have operated your business for 5+ years, choosing the Established options will be most appropriate. 

Emerging Grower
Established Grower
Emerging Food Producer
Established Food Producer

(12) Tell us about your farm or business.

How many years have you been in business/operation? Do you have a mission statement? What are your goals, and what is your vision for the short-term and long-term future? 

(13) Is your farm or business majority-owned (51% or more) by individuals who identify as women, Black, indigenous, people of color (POC), LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, or veterans? Please check all that apply.

People of Color (POC)
Persons with Disabilities
Non of the Above

(14) Who does the day-to-day work, including planning, overseeing, and decision-making?

(15) Is an employee(s) of Whole Foods Co-op involved with your organization? If yes, please list their name(s) and involvement.

(16) Is your business cooperatively owned?

Part 3: Project Details and Feasibility

(17) What is the nature and scope of the project you would like funding for? 

(18) What is the timeline for the project? How long will the project take, and when will it be complete? If this is a multi-year project, please explain what you plan to accomplish each year.

(19) Who will be carrying out the bulk of the work on the project, and what experience and qualifications do they have to support the project’s success? 

(20) How does your project increase the production of food? What impact will this project have on growing your business? Consider how much food is currently being produced and how the grant would increase/impact production. Please include numerical metrics.

(21) What is the market for the product? Check all that apply.

Whole Foods Co-op
Other Wholesale Account
Farmer’s Market

(22) How does/can your project positively impact the environment? Describe how your project is regenerative and sustainable. Emphasize any local ingredient sourcing. Outline air, soil, and water management practices. Highlight any certifications that underscore your dedication to environmental responsibility.

Part 4: Budget Information

A fillable spreadsheet will be provided to summarize the project budget. Please follow the instructions and download the file. Review a sample document for reference.

IMPORTANT: For your application to be considered, you MUST complete the summary.

(23) Dollar amount requested from Grow Local Food Fund (up to $7000). 

(24) In 2023, what was your total annual income (sales, grants, other)? 

(25) In 2023, what are your total annual expenses (rent, utilities, labor, supplies)? 

(26) Total project budget (including dollars requested).

(27) How would the Grow Local Food Fund impact revenue and overall profit for the business?

(28) What percent of your total project cost would the Grow Local Food Fund grant cover?Applicant expectations: GLFF would aim to cover up to 90% of the total project cost for emerging growers and food producers. For established businesses, GLFF would aim to cover 75% of the total project cost. 

(29) Have you faced barriers to traditional funding sources? If yes, please explain.

(30) How does this project support a long-term investment for your business?

(31) Grow Local Food Fund Project Impact Summary. In 50 words or less summarize your project and its impact. Be concise.

(32) If your project is selected for funding, you will be required to submit a W-9 IRS Form to WFC’s Finance Department ahead of receiving grant funds. Will you commit to this?

(33) If awarded a grant, a final report and update with information about the project and its effect on your business must be submitted to Whole Foods Co-op within twelve months of receipt of grant funds. How will you evaluate the success of this project? Who will do the evaluation?

(34) If your application is chosen, do you allow WFC to use your application to serve as an example for future applicants on our website? (Personal and financial information would be removed for privacy purposes).

At the end of your application, please be prepared to submit a completed Budget Document along with 3-5 high-resolution images. Select images that help promote your business. All files will need to be submitted by 11:59 pm CST, January 31, 2024. Full details will be included after submitting your application in the receipt email. If you have any questions, please send them to growlocalfoodfund@wholefoods.coop.

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