Whole Foods Co-op
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Co-op History

1970: 20 members form the Whole Foods Buying Club in the Chester Creek House at 13th Avenue East & 2nd Street.

1971: First Coordinator hired.

1972: Summer: 901 East 7th Street
Fall: 24 West 5th Street.

1973: WFC merges with Community Food Buying Club at 631 East 8th Street.

1981: WFC merges with West End Co-op.

1983: West End Co-op closes.

1993: Moved to 1332 East 4th Street.

2005: Moved to 610 East 4th Street.

2006: Whole Foods Co-op becomes the first LEED Certified Co-op in the U.S and receives the Co-op Excellence Award.

2007: Certified Organic Retailer status achieved.

2012: International Year of Cooperatives, the June 20 ‘Great Flood’, Brewery Creek Overlook seating area and parking lot expanded.

2014: Second location site purchased, Hillside store undergoes remodelling.

2016: WFC Denfeld location opens at 4426 Grand Avenue.

2017: WFC workers unionize and are now represented by UFCW 1189.


Whole Foods Co•op


Hillside Store

610 E 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55805

Denfeld Store

4426 Grand Avenue
Duluth, MN 55807