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GIVE 2020: Applications Now Open!

What could your organization achieve with a $15,000 donation and the community power of your local co-op? Apply to GIVE 2020 today and partner with Whole Foods Co-op and over 11,000 owners to raise money and awareness for your organization!

Apply by September 20th, 2019!

What’s GIVE?

A program that gives co-op shoppers an opportunity to round-up their purchases for organizations and programs serving our community.  These donations of small change makes a huge difference…thank you!

August GIVE: Together for Youth

Together for Youth is an inclusive, supportive and welcoming group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, two spirit and allied youth in Duluth and Virginia, Minnesota. They offer a safe and welcoming space where youth can connect with their peers, find resources, explore issues and navigate challenges.

What We Do:

  • Youth meetings offering an inclusive, ongoing, supportive and welcoming atmosphere for all LGBTQI2S youth and allies ages 14-20.
  • One-on-one support to youth with specific needs.
  • Educational presentations at conferences, workshops, schools, businesses, churches and meetings of community organizations.
  • Advocacy for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.

What will your GIVE donation go toward?

Together For Youth operates on a limited grant supported budget with two part-time workers and volunteer assistants. Because most of our budget is directed at ongoing operational costs, we struggle to cover expenses related to program initiatives and rely on private donations and little unanticipated windfalls to enable us to diversify programming. If Together For Youth were chosen to receive G. I. V. E. proceeds, the funds would be used in the following three ways:

1) Production and printing of the second edition of a zine titled “Brave” to be used for educational and compassionate outreach purposes. The contents of “Brave” would include written and artistic words produced by Together For Youth members. The first edition was published four years ago when there was funding available. We would like to produce at least 150 zines at a cost of $2.50 each for a total of $375.

2) We are allotted $25.00 per week for snacks, which means I purchase bargain rate and not very nutritional food items for meeting attendees. For $25.00 more each week I could purchase healthier food (like from Whole Foods Co-op) and also more whole foods that we could sometimes use to do cooking skills sessions with group members. $300 would enable us to upgrade snacks to a healthier meal on a once a month basis.

3) Together For Youth offers an LGBTQ+ educational presentation titled, “It’s OK To Call Us Queer And Other Things To Know About Us”, to audiences of varied sizes and kinds. When Together For Youth members are feeling safe and confident enough to step forward and serve as co-presenters, we offer $20.00 stipends when our budget allows. $300 would compensate young speakers for twelve acts of bravery, vulnerability and empowerment.

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