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Summer Virtual Classes

While we will miss cookin’ in the Co-op kitchen, we’re excited to offer free, virtual classes! If you’re interested in being a digital instructor we’d love to have you on board. Email marketing@wholefoods.coop for more details. 


Kim Hedegaard of Body Awareness Therapeutic Massage

Tuesday, September 21

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Grab your yoga mat and join us for a new class that joins movement and meditation, SunDo! Using Taoist meditation techniques, practitioners will progress through special sets of postures that are held while breathing very slowly and deeply. Together, the postures and breath work help to revitalize the body and mind by cultivating Qi – the life-force energy within us.

September 21: REGISTER NOW

Co-op Qigong

Rebecca James-Alsum

Saturday, September 25

10:30am – 11:30am

Join us for a Qigong session that includes the Five Elements from Spring Forest Qigong with instructor Rebecca Alsum. Qigong is the practice and study of energy flow that can be used to harmonize the body, breath, and mind. This practice combines meditation, breathing techniques, and simple movements to cultivate one’s qi and create space for healing the body. You do not need anything but your body and breath for this practice and can wear whatever clothing is comfortable. The motions are simple and accessible for all ages and abilities. Join us for this gentle yet powerful healing practice. 

Local participants wishing to join Rebecca in person can do so at Svälja Yoga, located at 16 1/2 N. 1st Ave. W., Duluth, MN 55802. There will be a sliding fee for in-person attendance to cover the cost of the studio. More about Svälja below:

At Svälja Yoga (pronounced “svehl-yah”) all of our offerings are trauma-conscious. Through our Whole-Being Well-Being approach, we support people on their own unique healing journey. We share the wisdom and practice of yoga in a way that is accessible, inclusive, and honors choice. Yoga means to unite. Yoga is a pathway to well-being and to the realization of our innate wholeness. We guide participants to connect with their internal resources and potential for healing, transformation, and growth. Through this exploratory journey we rediscover home, deep within: our true selves

September 25: REGISTER NOW

Co-op Yoga Night – Advanced Vinyasa

Joella Erin of JEM Yoga & Message

Tuesday, October 12, November 9, December 14 and January 11

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Participants will perform skills that challenge your strength, flexibility, mobility, and control with this intermediate to advanced vinyasa yoga class.


Co-op Yoga Night – Slow Flow Yoga

Joella Erin of JEM Yoga & Message

Thursday, October 21, November 18, December 16 and January 20


Perfect for beginner to intermediate yoga students, join us for a relaxing yoga session in the privacy of your own space. All levels welcome!


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